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crushing technology for reclycle concrete aggregate

Granite is a wider distribution of magmatite rock, composed chiefly of feldspar, aggregate and a small amount of aggregate , sometimes called the granite. Crystal structure and massive structure of quarry business is dense, the color is gray, yellowish, reddish etc..
The aggregate structure compact, the porosity and water absorption rate is very small, the apparent density . high compressive strength . low water absorption rate . good frost resistance . weathering resistance and good durability, service life is 75 ~ 200 up to 1000 years, high quality.
Corrosion of sulfuric acid and nitric acid with strong resistance, so it can be used for acid lining equipment. The rough machining surface after beautiful luster, excellent decoration materials. But under high temperature, because of the change of aggregate crystal aggregate internal expansion caused by failure, therefore, resistance to fire.
Aggregate in the architectural engineering, commonly used in the foundation of dam and sluice gate, bridge, road, step, stone walls and plinth and memorial buildings. crushing technology for reclycle concrete aggregate is mainly used for application of aggregate and aggregate in construction and production.

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