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Effect of raw materials on the quality and stability of resin wheel

Effect of raw materials on the quality and stability of resin wheel


(1) liquid phenolic resin. The fluctuating ranges of solid content, viscosity, gelation time and water solubility of liquid phenolic resin have different degrees of influence. Therefore, the grinding wheel manufacturers must formulate their own technical specifications and specifications for their own liquid resins according to their own product performance requirements, combining their own characteristics of mixing, molding, and hardening. Circumference.


In addition, liquid phenolic resins must be accurately stored, because liquid phenolic resins are inherently unstable and technical specifications can change even at room temperature. China grinding disc manufacturer must store the liquid phenolic resin at low temperature to ensure the stability of the liquid phenolic resin, and then ensure the stability of the resin grinding wheel mixture, to ensure the stability of the quality of resin grinding wheel.


(2) powdered phenolic resin. For powdered phenolic resin, the fluctuation of flow length (fluidity), particle size (particle size, fineness), the content of urotropine (six times) and gelation time will affect the quality stability of grinding wheel.

In this regard, the length of flow should be considered first. These indexes indicate the changed behavior of resin under certain experimental conditions. They are just resin properties, and the extent of the impact on the performance of the grinding wheel products can only be determined by the actual application of 4 inches China grinding disc factory.

The flow of powdered resin is the most important performance index affecting the structure of the binder. The particle size (particle size, fineness) affects the amount of wetting agent. The content of volatile (free phenol, water) is also important.

In order to ensure the quality of grinding wheels, it is necessary to ensure the stability of resin properties of powder in each batch of grinding wheels.


(3) stability of mesh technical indicators

Mesh is initially applied to resin grinding wheels, and the most important function is to improve the strength of grinding wheels. With the continuous improvement of the performance of resin wheel, the role of mesh in resin depressed grinding disc for metal is very important. The main performances are: the fluctuation of grinding wheel strength, the deformation of slices (mainly double-mesh grinding wheel), the delamination of grinding discs and so on.

In theory, the higher the glue content of the mesh, the higher the strength of the grinding wheel, the better the bonding performance, and the more stable the cutting and grinding process is.

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