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Říj 09

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Introduction to 4 categories of make-up packaging


With the improvement of living standards, the competition in the cosmetics market is becoming more and more fierce. In order to expand their sales volume and enhance their own brand name, the major cosmetics manufacturers can do their best in color packaging.

The functions and functions of color cosmetics are becoming more and more detailed, so the form of makeup packaging is also diversified. There are four types of make-up packages that appear on the market:

1. Packaging of solid cosmetics.

There are relatively few types of solid color cosmetics, mainly eyebrow pencils, powder cakes, and various types of lipsticks. The packaging of such cosmetics is simpler.

2. Packaging of solid granular (powdered) cosmetics.

These kinds of cosmetics mainly include granular (powder) products such as foundation and talcum powder. The packaging methods commonly used are mainly cartons, composite cartons (used in cylindrical boxes), glass bottles (wide mouth, small), Metal boxes, plastic boxes, plastic bottles (wide mouth, small), composite film bags, etc. In general, packaging containers should be beautifully decorated and printed. At the same time, when used in plastic and metal containers, they are often matched with a beautifully printed carton.

3. Packaging of liquid, lotion-like cosmetics and creamy cosmetics.

Among all the cosmetics, the types and quantities of these cosmetics are the most, and the packaging forms are very numerous, mainly including: plastic bottles of various shapes and specifications (generally subject to fine decoration printing); composite film bags of plastic bags (usually used) In the economic bag of cosmetics or lower-end cosmetics packaging); glass bottles of various shapes and specifications (including jars and narrow-mouth bottles, generally used for higher-end cosmetics or volatile, easy to penetrate, contain machine Solvent-based cosmetics packaging, such as nail polish, hair dye, perfume, toner, etc.). For the above-mentioned packaging form, it is sometimes combined with a color printing paper box to form a sales package of color cosmetics together with a color printing paper box to improve the grade of the color cosmetics.

4. Spray packaging of color cosmetics.

Spray packaging has the advantages of accurate, effective, simple, hygienic, on-demand quantitative access, etc. It is often used in higher-end cosmetics and color cosmetics packaging that requires orientation and quantitative access. In this form of packaging, there are hair cosmetics such as hair mousse and hair spray. Commonly used spray packaging containers are mainly metal spray cans, glass spray cans and plastic spray cans.

A variety of color cosmetics packaging can meet the multi-faceted needs of the majority of female consumers, to meet their love of beauty, to shape women’s more embarrassing side.

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