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Říj 09

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Safety glass quality control measures

1. The design unit must indicate the type and specifications of the safety glass in the design document.

2. Safety glass shall have a copy of the product quality certificate and the national compulsory product certification certificate. Copies must be stamped with the official seal of the manufacturer and archived as quality control information.

3. Safety glass for buildings must have a mandatory certification mark.

4. The parts of the safety louver glass price must be used:

5. Opening windows outside the seven-story and seven-story buildings;

6. Floor-to-ceiling windows with an area of ​​more than 1.5m2 and a bottom edge of the glass that is less than 0.5m from the final finish;

7. Glass curtain wall; skylight, lighting roof, ceiling, canopy; indoor partition, bathroom enclosure and screen; stairs, balcony, platform, corridor railings and inner patio railings; other parts vulnerable to impact, impact and human injury . Installed in architectural glass that is susceptible to collisions with human bodies or objects, such as floor-to-ceiling windows, glass partitions, etc., protective measures should be taken. A reliable guardrail must be used for situations where high levels of human or glass fall may occur after a collision.

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