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Where can fire glass be used?

Since the mass production of single-chip fireproof glass in China, fireproof glass has been widely used, but there are several points to be aware of when using it:

1. Before selecting fireproof glass, it is necessary to know the specific fire protection requirements of fireproof components composed of fireproof glass, whether it is fireproof, heat insulation or smoke insulation, fire endurance requirements, etc.

2. Single-piece and composite-filled fire-resistant glass cannot be cut with a glass cutter like ordinary flat glass, and must be cut to length, but composite (dry) fire-resistant glass can meet the requirements of cutting.

3. When the fire resistant glass suppliers is used to form the fireproof component, in addition to considering the fireproof durability of the glass, the support structure and each element must also meet the fire resistance requirements.

The monolithic cesium-potassium fire-retardant glass is subjected to special chemical treatment for more than 20 hours of ion exchange at a high temperature, replacing the metal sodium on the glass surface to form a low-expansion silicate glass with an expansion coefficient of 1.8*10-6/0F. (3.24*10-6/K), so it has high heat resistance. At the same time, after physical treatment, high compressive stress is formed on the surface of the glass, which greatly improves the impact strength. When the glass breaks, it shows a state of tiny particles, reducing the The human body causes damage! The strength of a single piece of yttrium-potassium fire-resistant glass is 6-12 times that of ordinary glass and 1.5-3 times that of tempered glass!

China’s building code requires that all products installed on the cut with fire protection requirements should be sampled by the provincial fire brigade to the national designated fireproof material testing center (ie Sichuan and Tianjin two national fireproof building materials quality supervision and inspection center One) to carry out the test, must meet the requirements of the specification, and obtain the inspection report issued by these institutions before they can be sold!

The fire resistance test of single-piece cesium-potassium fire-retardant glass is carried out according to the current national standards, and has been tested to meet the specifications of the People’s Republic of China National Standard GB15763.1-2001 „Safety Glass Fireproof Glass for Construction“.

The advantage of a single piece of yttrium-potassium fire-resistant glass is that it has a relationship with the temperature at which it can work, but it has the ability to withstand the rapid changes in heat shock and grace, depending on the specific heat capacity of the glass (which affects the rate of temperature rise) ), thermal conductivity (rate and distribution of heat through the glass) and thermal expansion rate, while a single piece of cesium-potassium fire-resistant glass can withstand quenching from 300 ° C to cold water!

The thermal conductivity of monocrystalline yttrium-potassium fire-resistant glass is 1.13W/M°C

The thermal expansion rate of single piece of strontium potassium fireproof glass is: 3*10-6/°C

Water resistance meets: ISO719-HGB, ISO720-HGA standard

Acid resistance meets: ISO1776 standard

Alkali resistance meets: ISO695-A standard

Compared with traditional grouting fireproof glass, single-piece strontium-potassium fire-resistant glass has the highest characteristics of high weather resistance in addition to high strength and easy installation! In addition to the bubbles that are prone to occur during the manufacturing process, the chemically-filled fire-resistant glass quickly becomes milky white under the action of ultraviolet radiation and flame, and loses the basic function of glass transparency, so that it is impossible to observe the fire situation! The single piece of yttrium-potassium fire-proof glass remains transparent under the action of ultraviolet light and flame without any change!

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