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Safety of cutting discs

Because of the strong centrifugal forces, discs must be manufactured according to strict safety requirements prescribed in standards EN 12413 – Safety requirements for bonded abrasive products and EN 13236 Safety requirements for superabrasives. Besides, leading manufacturers meet the additional requirements prescribed by the Organization for the safety of abrasives – OSA.

When working with 5 inch resin cutting disc for metal we should pay particular attention to handling them. Do not throw them or drop something on them. They are designed for maximum possible safety during operation, however, they are not indestructible. Before use a disc should be inspected visually for any cracks or chips. The cutting discs are spinning at the speed of 80 m / s, or little slower than the average speed of F1 cars. At that speed, each chip can cause serious life-threatening injuries.
We shouldn’t kid ourselves – as in everything else, there are high-quality products and the ones of low quality. Lower price cutting discs is usually a consequence of worse contexture. The result can be rapid wearing of the discs, low quality of cut, difficult controlling, odors, increased sparking. Unfortunately, the safety of the disc itself is sometimes questionable. Cases where the disc bursted during work are not uncommon.
As with any other product, the balance should be found between the price and the quality. Joining the European Union, employers are obliged to provide safe working environment and safe tools for their employees.

Durability and quality of low price disc for metal
All cutting discs have their durability, so each manufacturer is obliged to print year when validity ends, clearly and indelibly on the cutting disc. It can vary from one up to the maximum of 3 years. It is not recommended to use cutting disc after the expiration date.

As for the quality of cutting disc, it is a very sensitive subject. There are various manufacturers, as well as different product lines of the same manufacturers with big differences in their China cutting disc for metal and performance. Also some reputable manufacturers supply their cheapest lines from China – either they have a separate business units or some other companies work on their behalf. So be careful when you’re buying discs and take enough time for proper testing. Good test could ultimately save you a lot of money and time.
It is important to know that nowadays, tools and technology are changing almost daily. You must have a time and a will to test new products on the market every few years.

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