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Self-sharpening of grinding wheels

In the grinding process, the blunt abrasive grains will be slightly broken and large broken under the effect of the thermal shock of grinding force, thus forming a new edge, and may also occur abrasive peeling so that new abrasive grains exposed. This continuous renewal of the abrasive cutting edge is called self-sharpening. In grinding, since the self-sharpening action along the surface of the fast working grinding wheel is roughly the same, there is no change in the surface shape of the grinding wheel, which is significantly different from other cutting methods.


In the grinding process, fast working grinding wheel self-sharpening will only occur when the grinding wheel characteristic parameters are chosen properly. When the grinding wheel is too soft, the abrasive particle shedding is too fast, the wear of the grinding wheel is serious, and the shape accuracy is destroyed; when the grinding wheel is too hard, not only the wear surface of the top of the abrasive particle with a larger wear surface will not break and fall off, but also the blockage of the fast working grinding wheel will occur, which will deteriorate the grinding process and deteriorate the grinding quality.

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