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Říj 24

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vertical roller mill for slag waste recycling

After the mining of slag ore will leave some slag waste, and if these waste untreated, it is easy to cause environmental pollution and waste of resources, the article for the company’s products to introduce you to how vertical roller mill is used for slag waste treatment of.

Marble is more common in construction materials, under normal circumstances, the slag is mainly used for interior decoration, such as the slag floor, the lobby of the slag pillars. We need to know that slag is a building material, but at the same time, its main component is also the same as other limestone ore components, that is, its main component is calcium carbonate, but understand this point, we can consider the slag waste Used

Calcium carbonate is a major component of many industrial ores and the main calcium carbonate powder obtained after milling these ores is the main feedstock for industrial heavy calcium or light calcium so we can consider from this point Recycle slag waste.

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