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Introduction to wear characteristics of grinding wheel


At the beginning of the grinding, the radial wear rate of the high efficient metal abrasive disc is high, and then monotonously decreases (in this case, the grinding force and the grinding temperature are still increasing), and after about 1,100 grinding strokes, the grinding wheel wears a stable value.


The change of ground force and ground temperature in the occurrence of such wear is basically similar to the change of the wear rate of the grinding wheel. At the initial stage of grinding, the grinding force and the grinding temperature are monotonously increased, after about 1100 grinding strokes, grinding The force is at a steady value and the steady value of the grinding temperature occurs after 1300 grinding strokes.


Thus, they are generally consistent. The main features of this type of wear are:

(1) Adhesion occurs on individual abrasive grains of the high efficient metal abrasive disc, and the size of the adhesion area is relatively small compared to the size of the abrasive grains, so this adhesion is called small-scale adhesion.

(2) In addition to the initial stage of wear, the grinding wheel wear is broken and shedding.

(3) Due to the above characteristics, the grinding temperature is lower than the wear type I, and the workpiece does not burn.


Different high efficient metal abrasive disc wear types have different grinding temperatures.


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