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Říj 31

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Diamond grinding wheel and CBN grinding wheel

Cubic boron nitride (CBN) is the hardness of human synthesis that is second only to diamond, and much higher than ordinary corundum and silicon carbide abrasives. So it was applied to fast 9“ grinding wheel.

Its high hardness and high toughness make it more powerful, sharper and more difficult to wear.

CBN fast 9“ grinding wheel has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance and good thermal stability. Cubic boron nitride can withstand high temperatures of 1250-1350 degrees Celsius, which is higher than the heat resistance of diamonds of 800 degrees Celsius; when grinding and cutting iron materials, there will be no sticking phenomenon, grinding hardened steel, high vanadium high-speed Steel, aluminum high-speed steel and other metal materials that are sensitive to grinding temperature are ideal 230*6*22mm grinding wheel for stainless steels.

CBN fast 9“ grinding wheel is also characterized by strong chemical inertness. Cubic boron nitride is not easy to react with iron group elements so it can replace diamond 230*6*22mm grinding wheel for stainless steel for various high-speed steel, tool steel, die steel, high alloy hardened steel, chrome steel, nickel alloy, powder metallurgy steel, and high-temperature alloy. Grinding of materials with high temperatures, high hardness, and low thermal conductivity is very suitable.

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