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Limestone crusher working principle

Limestone crusher working principle and limestone crusher features limestone crusher is usually used for limestone crushing and fine crushing machine, when the limestone particle size requirement is high, need to use limestone crusher. Below we have a look together limestone crusher working principle and characteristics of limestone crusher.

Limestone crusher working principle of limestone crusher is a broken machine which use of impact energy to crushing material. When the machine works, under the driving of the motor, the rotor high-speed rotation, the material into the plate hammer function area, and the impact of the rotor plate hammer crusher, and then be thrown to counterattack device broken again, and then play back plate plate hammer effect region to break from the counterattack lining, this process is repeated, material from large to small into the one or two, three back cavity repeated broken, until the materials are crushed to the required size, discharged from the discharge port.

Adjust the back frame and the clearance between rotor can be achieved by changing the material discharging size and material shape purpose. The stone fell into the high-speed rotation of the wheel directly from the upper part of the machine; in high speed under the action of centrifugal force, and another part by way of diversion in the turntable umbrella flying around the stone to produce high speed impact and high density of crushing, stone in the fight against each other, will form a vortex motion between the turntable and the chassis caused many against each other, friction, crushing, direct discharge from the bottom.

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