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Analysis of the diversification of 115 golden star cutting disc?

115 golden star cutting disc and 105 * 1.2 * 16 cutting disc are the basic materials for the cutting industry. The cutting piece industry and the steel industry promote each other and develop together. As China’s economy enters a new normal, the steel industry has a series of new features: overcapacity, declining profitability, increased environmental resource constraints, and more challenges in transition and upgrading. The new normal of the steel industry puts new demands, new thinking and new changes on the cutting piece industry in the upstream of the industrial chain. In recent years, the performance and application of cutting sheets have been characterized by characteristics, diversification, refinement, high efficiency and low consumption. The development of refractory raw materials must be adapted to them, and will also be diversified, enriched, featured and so on. The situation evolved.

Cutting sheet materials can be divided into three categories: acidic, alkaline and neutral. At present, the production of neutral aluminum-silicon refractories has been consistently high. The rapid development of aluminum industry and refractory industry has caused huge consumption of refractory clay and bauxite. The sharp decrease in resource reserves has caused the price of bauxite clinker to rise. This will inevitably affect the production and application of aluminum-silicon refractory materials. In the future, we should pay more attention to the acid, semi-acidic and alkaline, semi-alkali refractory varieties and production, and concentrate the research and development, technology, capital, policy and other advantages on the use of relatively rich and inexpensive resources such as silica and magnesite. Deep processing, increase its technical added value, develop more varieties and improve its adaptability. Properly balance the ratio of acid, alkaline and neutral refractory production to balance the consumption rate of silica, magnesite and bauxite. In the kiln design and selection of materials, take care of acidic, alkaline refractory materials, so that it has a greater use. Improve the adaptability of raw material supply to the development of cutting blades and the sustainability of future development of the industry.



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