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Cutting piece storage

flat abrasive cutting disc storage use management standards purposes:
Standardize cutting discs and grinding machinery standards, so that internal control can be based on standards, and finally meet the requirements of safe use.
Scope: This standard applies to all cutting blades and grinding machines of our company.
resin EN12413 cutting discs handling and storage precautions
1. During the process of handling and storing the cutting piece, it should be stacked and placed in a flat position. It should not be inclined and pressed for a long time. The stacking height should not exceed 1 meter. The cutting piece should not be subjected to strong vibration and impact, or it will cause cracks. Broken and nicked gaps leave hidden dangers for the use of cutting blades.
2. Implement the principle of advanced use of the cutting piece to ensure the best use period of the cutting piece. It must be completely packaged and transported to avoid collision. It should not be exposed to moisture for a long time, and it should not be in contact with alkali.
3. Avoid direct contact with the ground and must be stacked off the ground with a moisture-proof wooden pallet.
4. Implement the principle of advanced first-class use to ensure the best use period of products.
5. All cut pieces are fragile items, should be carefully handled to prevent falling or collision, and it is not allowed to roll the cutting piece. Vehicles with pneumatic tires should be used when transporting vehicles.
6. The dicing sheet should be used within the validity period. The resin and rubber bond dicing sheet must be subjected to the slewing test after one year of storage. Only qualified persons can use it.

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