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Grinding wheel storage precautions

The grinding wheel is the main type of grinding tool in the grinding process. The thin flat cutting disc has a very important influence on the processing quality, productivity, and economy of the grinding. In order to ensure the service life of the grinding wheel, the following points should be noted when the grinding wheel is stored:
1) Long-distance transportation should be properly packed with wooden boxes or wicker baskets, and the abrasive tools should be separated by soft materials such as straw and sawdust to prevent collision and impact.
2) Ceramic abrasive tools should not be placed in wet or frozen places. Rubber abrasives should not be in contact with oil. Resin grinding can contact with alkali, otherwise, it will reduce the strength and grinding force of the abrasives.
3) The abrasive tools should be stored in a dry place at room temperature not lower than 5 degrees Celsius.
4) Abrasive tools should be placed separately according to the specifications. Marks should be placed at the storage place to avoid confusion and errors. The placement method should be determined according to the shape of the grinding. The abrasive tools with a large diameter or thicker should be placed upright and slightly inclined. Thin and small grinding wheels should be placed flat, but should not be too high, and a flat iron plate should be placed underneath it to prevent deformation or cracking of the grinding wheel.
5) The storage time of organic abrasives should not exceed one year. Excessive abrasive tools should be inspected before use. The modified grinding wheel should also be used after the re-spinning test.
With the continuous growth of science and technology, China’s abrasives industry has gradually formed a relatively complete manufacturing and supporting system. The quality of the grinding wheel ultra-thin is constantly improving, but the quality of the grinding wheel is good, and we need us when storing. Pay attention to the following questions to ensure that the ultra-thin grinding wheel has a longer service life.
The storage of the grinding wheel is certain to be careful. Don’t think that the grinding wheel can be placed when it is stored. The abrasive material manufacturer in Henan reminds the grinding wheel to be stored flat. Try not to tilt it, and do not let it be deformed under pressure. When storing the 12 inches cut off wheel, use the moisture-proof wooden pallet to mop the ground to avoid direct contact with the ground. The ground should be 10-15 cm, and the height should not exceed 1 m. The grinding wheel should not be used during the process of transporting the storage wheel. Subject to strong vibration and impact, to avoid cracks, broken and variable gaps, to leave hidden dangers.

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