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Five principles for choosing a resin grinding wheel

We all come into contact with some products made of metal, stone and so on. We often have questions about why their surfaces are smooth, not the untreated metal and stone we usually see. How do they deal with it? ? Then you can’t do without the use of the resin EN12413 cutting discs. There are certain principles for choosing a grinding wheel. Today we will explain the five principles for selecting a resin grinding wheel:
1. Good uniformity appearance and no crack shape is the basic appearance of the resin grinding wheel;
2, excellent packaging and printing anti-counterfeiting barcode is the difference between the factory products and counterfeit goods;
3. The lower the static unbalance value of any resin grinding wheel, the better the production difficulty.
4. The general rule of cutting and grinding is that the amount of iron to be removed is small, the wear is low, the grinding wheel is too hard, the amount of iron to be removed is too large, the material is too poor, the quality of the inner quality is as little as possible, and the maximum amount of iron is removed. At the same time feel good;
5. For carbon steel, alloy steel, cast steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum, glass stone, because their tissue density and heat status are different, it also determines the difference when choosing the grinding wheel; for the glass stone, the market There is a special glass stone cutting and polishing tool.
Due to the certain dangers in the use of the cutting piece, it is necessary to formulate a scientific safety norm rule. Only by paying attention to the details can the risk be reduced to ensure the safety of life. To this end, the Netherlands Fu Levitt for everyone to summarize the safety of ten cutting pieces, I hope to help everyone!
1. Before starting to use the cutting piece, please use it for one minute and then use it. When replacing the new type of resin cutting piece, please idle for 3 minutes before using it.
2. Be sure to use the correct flange. No enhancement: 1/3 or more; there is enhancement: 1/4 or more;
3. Use an angle grinder with a safety cover and a cutting machine with a safety cover;
4. When using, be sure to fix the cut material firmly;
5, users must wear protective glasses, masks, earplugs, gloves, dust-proof clothing, etc., to take protective measures.
6. Store the cutting piece in a place without direct sunlight or moisture, and place it horizontally;
7. If the inner diameter of the cutting piece is small and the equipment does not match, please do not change the hole diameter of the China cutting disc for metal;
8. The maximum use cycle speed of the cutting piece is used below the maximum number of revolutions;
9. Confirm that the cutting piece has no missing edges, no cracks, no cracks, etc. before use;
10. Never use the side of the cutting piece.

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