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Have to look at the free sample cutting disc using common sense?

Now the free sample cutting disc is used more and more widely, and only when you have more relevant common sense can you use it better. So what do you need to know about the common knowledge of free sample cutting discs?

  1. The inner diameter is damaged. The main cause of this phenomenon is improper assembly. The cutting disc is used as a grinding disc and the flange is partially lost.
  2. If the tangential line is not straight or damaged, this is mainly due to the improper diameter of the assembly flange, the assembly flange is not working well, the machine is not working properly, or the workpiece is improperly clamped, the cutting pressure is too large, and the cutting is too Caused by thin.
  3. If it is worn out, it is mainly caused by the machine rotating too fast and the peripheral speed is too fast. In addition to this reason, it is necessary to note that if the cut surface is white, the slice is too soft. If the cut surface is discolored, the degree of consolidation is too hard.
  4. The main cause of discoloration of the cut surface is that the slice is too hard, and the cross-sectional area of the object to be cut is larger than the slice diameter. There is also a result of long cutting time and low motor power.

5, the rim tear, and this phenomenon is mainly due to the use of the cutting piece as a grinding piece, that is, caused by improper use. Or the workpiece is caught by the spring due to improper operation of the machine.




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