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How to operate the free sample cutting disc?

The free sample cutting disc is a cutting device that is commonly used now. What are the operating processes? Let me introduce you today.

  1. When performing automatic cutting, the steel plate to the gas cutting platform should be adjusted to have a distance difference between the two ends of the steel plate and the guide rail within a range of 5 mm. When performing semi-automatic cutting, the guide rail should be placed on the plane of the cut steel plate, and then the cutter should be lightly placed on the guide rail. The side with the torch is oriented to the operator, and the cutting tip is selected according to the thickness of the steel plate to adjust the cutting straightness and the cutting speed.
  2. According to the different automatic cutting and semi-automatic cutting methods, adjust the distance of each cutting torch, determine the rear drag, and consider the kerf compensation; in the cutting process, the size and direction of the cutting angle of the cutting torch are mainly determined by the thickness of the steel plate.

When performing thick plate gas cutting, the cutting nozzle is perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece. After the entire section is cut through, the cutting nozzle is moved and turned into normal gas cutting. When the gas cutting is to reach the endpoint, the slow speed should be slightly increased, so that the lower part of the cutting is completely cut.

  1. Adjust the cutting parameters according to the thickness of the plate. The cutting parameters include the shape of the cutting nozzle, the oxygen pressure, the cutting speed and the energy of the preheating flame. The selection of the process parameters is mainly based on the type of gas cutting machine and the thickness of the cuttable steel plate. For the steel plate, the same type of steel plate should be cut, the cutting parameters should be determined, and the venting of the cutting nozzle should be checked.


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