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The correct method of using Vegetable Seed Planting Machine for Tractor Mounted?

The emergence of Vegetable Seed Planting Machine for Tractor Mounted has increased the speed and quality of artificial sowing, reduced the amount of seed used, and reduced the cost of seeding by one-third. However, some farmers in actual use have reported that the use of the planter is not ideal. So how is the planter used? Here is a brief introduction to the correct use of the planter.

First, according to the requirements of the instructions for use, the planter is installed and debugged to meet the technical requirements.

Second, it is necessary to check the plots before planting, such as the size of the plot, the shape of the ground, the concentration and the obstacles, so as to ensure the quality of the work and the safety of the unit. Put the seed-fertilizer in the appropriate position on the ground, reduce the time of adding seeds, adding fertilizer, and improve work efficiency.

Third, the seeds must be clean and dry, and must not be mixed with straw or stones to prevent blockage of the seeding and affect the amount of seed.

  1. When the ground is turning, the planter should be suspended or the opener and soil working parts should be raised, the power of the seed meter and the fertilizer discharger should be cut off, and the track marker should be raised before turning.
  2. The seeding unit should avoid parking when it is working. If it is necessary to stop the phenomenon of “broken strips”, the planter should be raised and retreated to a certain distance before planting. When lowering the planter, lower it as the tractor slowly advances. After the opener is placed in the soil, the seed drill must not be retracted to avoid clogging or damaging the opener.

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