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structural characteristics of the China Peanut Picker Machine 8000/6000 manufacturer?

Peanut fruit picker is used for picking fruit with vines after harvesting. It can be used flexibly in the field. The fruit is clean, the fruit shell has a low breakage rate, less loss, dry and wet stems are available, work efficiency is high, and threshing is clean. So what are the characteristics and structure of the peanut picking machine? Today, the China Peanut Picker Machine 8000/6000 manufacturer will come to analyze it for you.

1、Peanut picking machine features

The utility model has the advantages of high picking rate, low breaking rate, clean cleaning, high working efficiency, the reasonable structure of the whole machine and convenient movement between the fields.

2、The structure of the peanut picker

The peanut picking machine mainly consists of a frame, an electric motor, a transmission part, a picking-out part, a fan selection part, and a vibration mechanism. During the operation, the motor or diesel engine drives the machine to run through the feeding inlet to enter the fruit picking system. The roller picking rod rotates to break the peanuts out of the stem, and the fruits and debris fall down to the vibrating screen through the gravure, and the stem is discharged from the discharge port. The fruit scattered on the vibrating screen is transmitted to the fan suction port through the vibrating screen, and the clean fruit is selected to complete the whole process.

The above is some of the characteristics of the peanut picking machine introduced by Aike, and I hope to help you choose the peanut picking machine.


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