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With the execution of the Grand Exchange

That was, before the first of Jagex’s hugely unpopular SPIN TO WIN GOLD & COUPON changes arrived, and the game’s downfall – from the opinion of many – began.

The’Grand Exchange‘ was implemented as a means for gamers to exchange more readily – albeit less straight – with one another via a type of auction-house-slash-stock-market. In the past, buying a new pair of armour or even a new weapon required a participant to park themselves in among the match’s unofficial’trading hub‘ cities and arduously type out the lineup“Selling 145k lobsters“ for long periods of time until sufficient deals may be hit to unburden the player of the excess shellfish. With the execution of the Grand Exchange, a player could search for an item to purchase, or list all the items they desired to sell for your pre-established market price, or another customized value. Many criticised the objectively helpful update as the’death of free trade‘, but the worst thing would be to follow.

Whilst Jagex were pleased to let overpowered items run amok there was one glaring problem that they would not abide – and rightfully so: so-called real world trading; this is, the trade of real money for in-game items. They saw this as a theft of their intellectual property and it made them angry – even going so far as to sue the creators of’bot‘ accounts used for gold-farming for an amount that“surpassed six figures“. In late 2007, Jagex removed the entire idea of’free‘ trade in the game – meaning that transactions have to be fair in the view of the Grand Exchange, with a rather limited allowance for imbalance. This meant that the benefits for PvP proved hugely neutered – as previously the victorious player would keep 100% of their spoils, the most value that could be dropped by a defeated combatant was seriously limited to prevent illegal trades. No longer could a participant lend their buddy a sum of cash to get their accounts began old school runescape fast money; nor could a player winning a PvP duel pocket over a couple million coins – compared to the hundreds of millions which were often put at stake. To say this upgrade was very unpopular is a huge understatement, and it was the decision that finally contributed to several diehard fans quitting the game just months after the membership foundation handed one million. The conclusion was reversed only under four years later in early 2011, but by that point the damage had been done. This was not the passing of RuneScape, nevertheless; nor was it the death of this game’s unique quality. With this point, the match had seen 130 quests introduced – most of which composed with the exact same tongue-in-cheek humor and occasional pop-culture references which lent a few undeniable charm to the match and kept gamers curious, one seven-quest storyline even ended up spanning nearly 13 years.

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