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Aluminized Zinc Coated Coil VS Galvanized Coated Coil?

Color coated coils, which are widely found in the fields of billboards, construction, and home appliances, are named for their diverse colors and have good durability, heat resistance and decorative properties. The color coated coils on the market generally have high quality prepainted color galvanized coil and galvanized coated coils. So, what is the difference between …

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The Product Features Of The High Quality Galvalumed Steel Sheet


The product features of the high quality galvalumed steel sheet Test conditions: placed in relative humidity is 100% x 49 + / – 1 ℃ environment, and check the surface change test conditions: smoke by 55 ℃ environments placed 22 hours to 2 hours and then dry processing 2: Salt spray test, test method will be subject to …

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What To Check Before Using China Grinding Abrasive Disc


China grinding abrasive disc must be carefully inspected and identified before installation. The steps to check the authentication are: Step 1: Check that the grade of China high efficient grinding disc is correct and that it meets the performance, shape, and size of all selected grinding discs. Step 2: Check and identify the appearance of the …

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Precautions When using China Grinding Abrasive Disc

Positive Operation Problems In daily use, many operators are always accustomed to working on China Grinding Abrasive Disc because the direction can be used. In fact, this behavior is a special prohibition in the operation of the grinder. According to the operating procedure, when grinding the workpiece with a grinder, the operator should stand on the …

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High Quality Grinding Disc Cooling Method


If you are looking for a grinding disc with high quality grinding disc factory price, don’t miss our cheap metal grinding disc. First, let’s talk about grinding disc cooling method   The cheap metal grinding disc grinding fluid is not properly selected, and a reasonable grinding disc grinding fluid is selected. Generally, the oil grinding …

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Grinding disc with China cheap grinding disc price – Upper sand powdering process

The working contents of the sanding process of the grinding disc with China cheap grinding disc price mainly include sanding and powdering. The sanding process in the grinding disc production process is also one of the most arduous tasks of the brazing workers. The working workload is relatively large. The working principle in the grinding disc …

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180*6*22mm metal grinding disc safety use precautions

The hardest part of the 180*6*22mm metal grinding disc should be a diamond material. It is mainly composed of two parts: the base body and the cutter head. The base body is the main support part of the bonding cutter head, and the cutter head is the part that plays the cutting role during use. Need …

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The choice of China grinding abrasive disc

The grinding disc – the choice of China grinding abrasive disc of the general cutting machine. The universal cutting machine often refers to a real-time cutting machine, a cutting machine that describes the speed of work <3KW, and the speed is 2900 rpm. Conventional cutters often cut workpieces that are less than 50 mm in diameter. However, …

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Grinding Wheel Storage Tips

When the 4.5 inches grinding wheel is in storage, the grinding wheel cannot be rolled to avoid cracks and surface damage, and it is not subject to strong vibration and impact. Roller manufacturing precision, using the internal plating method of grinding wheel manufacturing process, can stably produce high-precision and complex surface roller, the service life reaches …

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The influence of fast working grinding wheel on the tool

The quality of fast working grinding wheels is one of the important factors that can improve the processing productivity and surface quality of the products. It is reported that the use of advanced and efficient tools can significantly improve the cutting efficiency, and the increase in tool costs is far less than the decline in production …

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