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Říj 29

Introduction to wear characteristics of grinding wheel

grinding wheel made in China

  At the beginning of the grinding, the radial wear rate of the high efficient metal abrasive disc is high, and then monotonously decreases (in this case, the grinding force and the grinding temperature are still increasing), and after about 1,100 grinding strokes, the grinding wheel wears a stable value.   The change of ground force and …

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Říj 26

What is the classification basis of abrasives?

There are two kinds of natural abrasives and artificial abrasives. The natural grinding tools commonly used in the machinery industry are only oil stone. Artificial abrasives are classified according to their basic shapes and structural characteristics, including a depressed grinding disc for metals, grinding heads, oilstone, sand tiles (collectively referred to as consolidated abrasives above) and …

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Říj 25

Raw materials determine the quality of the grinding wheel

The grinding effect of grinding wheel for stainless steel in industrial production is irreplaceable. The grinding wheel with good quality has a better effect and longer life, and of course, it is more favored by users. The quality of the grinding wheel is determined by the raw materials used to make the grinding wheel. Good raw …

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Říj 23

Causes of grinding wheel breakage and corresponding solutions (Part one)

Many people will attribute the problem to the manufacturer because of the poor quality of the fast grinding wheel for stainless steel. In fact, the grinding wheel rupture is caused by many reasons. Of course, the quality of the grinding wheel is one of them. In addition, the grinding wheel rupture is also related to …

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Říj 22

Abrasives of grinding wheels

There are many kinds of grinding wheels, each has its own different applications, manufacturing processes and binders are also different, so each kind of grinding wheel will have its own characteristics and different applications. Next, let’s make some explanations for the abrasive of the high quality 9“ grinding wheel.   Abrasive is the most important …

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Říj 20

Self-sharpening of grinding wheels

In the grinding process, the blunt abrasive grains will be slightly broken and large broken under the effect of the thermal shock of grinding force, thus forming a new edge, and may also occur abrasive peeling so that new abrasive grains exposed. This continuous renewal of the abrasive cutting edge is called self-sharpening. In grinding, …

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Říj 18

Six characteristics of organic abrasives

Organic abrasive grinding disc tools are characterized by a wide range of applications, a certain degree of elasticity and high bonding strength, and has good polishing performance. It has been applied in grinding processes such as coarse, fine, fine and throwing. High bonding strength. Compared with the ceramic bond, the resin bond has higher bond strength, …

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Říj 17

The application range of ceramic CBN wheel

Ceramic CBN fast cheap metal grinding discs, using cubic boron nitride abrasive as raw material, are sintered into various shapes of grinding tools with metal powder, resin powder and ceramics as binders, respectively, for industrial grinding, polishing and grinding.   This kind of ceramic fast cheap metal grinding disc keeps the original high hardness, low sintering …

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Říj 09

Effect of raw materials on the quality and stability of resin wheel

Effect of raw materials on the quality and stability of resin wheel   (1) liquid phenolic resin. The fluctuating ranges of solid content, viscosity, gelation time and water solubility of liquid phenolic resin have different degrees of influence. Therefore, the grinding wheel manufacturers must formulate their own technical specifications and specifications for their own liquid …

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Říj 08

How to maintain the quality stability of resin wheel?

  In this paper, the main raw materials are phenolic resin and glass fiber mesh how to affect the quality and stability of resin 4.5 inches grinding wheel is analyzed. The quality and stability of resin wheel are mainly manifested in the following two aspects: (1) Change of strength and cutting and grinding performance of resin …

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