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Lis 30

Grinding of metal cutting

      Grinding is generally used for semi-finishing and finishing. The machining accuracy can reach IT5-IT6, the processing roughness can be as small as Ra1.25-0.01μm, and the mirror grinding can reach Ra0.04-0.01μm. Grinding is often used for hard materials such as hardened steel, heat resistant steel and special alloy materials. The machining allowance for …

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Lis 15

A detailed description of the resin cutting sheet

    Introduction to resin cutting sheets The 14 inches cutting disc is a cutting piece made of resin, such as phenolic, epoxy, polyurethane, polyvinyl alcohol, etc.; the resin cutting piece has high strength and can add reinforcing fiber mesh and steel bar in the cutting piece, such as cutting piece and grinding piece. Most …

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Lis 14

The development trend of cutting sheets in the future machinery industry

  With the increasing variety of products in the machinery industry and the increasingly advanced technology, more mechanical products need to be processed. Usually, the processing of each mechanical component first needs to be formed by cutting the sheet, and then the subsequent grinding and polishing. The chamfering, after a series of processes, finally becomes …

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The diameter of the inner inner cutting piece should not be too large or too small

When the inner hole is ground, if the diameter of the cutting piece is too large, the contact arc of the cutting piece and the workpiece increases, so that the grinding heat increases, and the cooling and the cutting are difficult. If the diameter of the high quality cutting disc supplier is too small, it …

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What are the reasons for the blockage of the cutting piece?

The tissue cutting piece of the cutting piece reflects the proportional relationship between the abrasive, the binder and the pores. The denser the tissue, the smaller the ratio of the pores, the smaller the distance between the cutting edges, and the aluminum abrasive cutting disc is more likely to be clogged. The dicing sheet containing …

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Říj 20

Cutting piece selection and development trend

The cutting sheets are mainly classified into fiber resin cutting sheets and diamond cutting sheets according to materials. 1. Resin cutting piece is made of resin as bonding agent, glass fiber mesh piece as bone and bone, combined with various materials, especially for alloy steel, stainless steel and other difficult cutting materials, the cutting performance …

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