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Pro 11

Diamond cutting sheet properties

First, the diamond cutting piece has high grinding efficiency, and the cutting piece consumes relatively slowly. The China cutting disc for metal has a certain elasticity, which is beneficial to improve the roughness of the surface of the workpiece and is mainly used for the processes of fine grinding, semi-finishing, knife grinding and polishing. Moreover, …

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Pro 07

The correct choice of cutting blades

  Although there are many types of cut pieces on the market, how to choose the right suitable cut piece is the most important. Today we will come to understand the correct choice of cutting blades. First, the occasion of use When we choose the China cutting disc for metal, we first choose the right …

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Pro 06

Grinding wheel blockage problem

The types of grinding wheel blockage are embedded type, dependent type, adhesive tape, and mixed type. The embedded type plugging is a blocked state in which the grinding debris is embedded in the air hole of the working surface of the grinding wheel. Dependent plugging is a clogging condition in which the abrasive particles are …

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Pro 05

Resin cutting sheet safe use method

Resin cutting sheets, also known as resin grinding wheel sheets, are mainly resin abrasives made of chemical synthetic fiber fabrics, which have relatively high tensile, impact and flexural strength, and have high line speed when used. Resin grinding wheels are often installed on electric and pneumatic sanders. They can repair various metal surfaces, clean welds, …

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Pro 01

The posture and method of sharpening the knife is

        1. The person stands on the side of the cutting machine to prevent the debris from flying out when the cutting disk is broken. 2. The distance between the two hands holding the knife is released, and the elbows are clamped to the waist to reduce the jitter during sharpening; 3. …

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Lis 03

The diameter of the inner inner cutting piece should not be too large or too small

When the inner hole is ground, if the diameter of the cutting piece is too large, the contact arc of the cutting piece and the workpiece increases, so that the grinding heat increases, and the cooling and the cutting are difficult. If the diameter of the high quality cutting disc supplier is too small, it …

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Lis 02

What are the reasons for the blockage of the cutting piece?

The tissue cutting piece of the cutting piece reflects the proportional relationship between the abrasive, the binder and the pores. The denser the tissue, the smaller the ratio of the pores, the smaller the distance between the cutting edges, and the aluminum abrasive cutting disc is more likely to be clogged. The dicing sheet containing …

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Říj 28

Resin cutting sheet cleaning and installation method

The 5 inch resin cutting disc for metal is a kind of large amount in the grinding tool and has a wide use surface. When used in high speed rotation, the outer circle, the inner circle, the plane and various profiles of the metal or non-metal workpiece can be coarsely ground. Today we talk about …

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Říj 26

Resin cutting disc hardness affects the scope of application

The China cutting disc for metal consists of three parts: abrasive, binder (binder), pores of which: 1. Abrasive: It is the main grinding part of the cutting piece. It has sharp edges and corners, that is, a small cutting edge to cut the workpiece. The abrasive is often a very hard material, usually a compound …

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Říj 22

Basic introduction of cutting disc

The base type cutting wheel means that the outer ring of the grinding wheel is an abrasive working layer, and the central part is a high-strength and high-rigidity metal material, which is also called an outer ring-shaped cutting wheel. Generally thicker and more rigid, it is mostly used for grooving and cutting of medium and …

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