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Diamond wheel nature

    The characteristics of the fiber cutting disc Chinese supplier include six elements of abrasive grain, particle size, binder, hardness, shape, and size. Common abrasive grains are corundum and silicon carbide. Corundum is suitable for grinding steel and general tools. Black silicon carbide is used for grinding cast iron parts, and green silicon carbide …

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Problems with using a dicing sheet

Cutting piece strength hour When using the side of the flat abrasive cutting disc, the use surface of the cutting piece is specified. It is strictly forbidden to use the cutting piece other than the side to perform side grinding. Spindle diameter and cutting disc aperture are not suitable Problem: The aperture of the cutting …

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Angle grinder use precautions


An angle grinder, also known as a grinder or a disc grinder, is an abrasive tool used for FRP cutting and grinding. An angle grinder is a hand-held power tool that uses FRP to cut and polish. It is mainly used for cutting, grinding and brushing metal and stone. The angle grinder consists of a …

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What are the precautions for safe use of cutting blades?


The flat abrasive cutting disc is a kind of resin grinding tool which uses special fiber fabric as reinforcing material. It is used in many fields of industry: automobile, ship, machine making and metallurgy, chemical construction and so on. The reason why there are such a wide range of applications is because of its superior …

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Cutting piece storage

flat abrasive cutting disc storage use management standards purposes: Standardize cutting discs and grinding machinery standards, so that internal control can be based on standards, and finally meet the requirements of safe use. Scope: This standard applies to all cutting blades and grinding machines of our company. resin EN12413 cutting discs handling and storage precautions …

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Cutting sheet installation process considerations

One of the most commonly used machines in the flat abrasive cutting disc machinery factory. Whether it is installed properly or not, it meets the safety requirements; whether it is used correctly or not, it is in compliance with the safe operating procedures. These problems are directly related to the personal safety of each employee, …

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How to choose the correct cutting piece when the tool is grinding?

There are many types of dicing abrasives, and there are various shapes and sizes. Each dicing blade has a certain range of application depending on the abrasive of the dicing sheet, the bonding material and the manufacturing process. If improperly selected, it will directly affect the processing accuracy, surface roughness and production efficiency. Therefore, when …

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