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Lis 07

Cutting piece storage

flat abrasive cutting disc storage use management standards purposes: Standardize cutting discs and grinding machinery standards, so that internal control can be based on standards, and finally meet the requirements of safe use. Scope: This standard applies to all cutting blades and grinding machines of our company. resin EN12413 cutting discs handling and storage precautions …

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Lis 06

Cutting sheet installation process considerations

One of the most commonly used machines in the flat abrasive cutting disc machinery factory. Whether it is installed properly or not, it meets the safety requirements; whether it is used correctly or not, it is in compliance with the safe operating procedures. These problems are directly related to the personal safety of each employee, …

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Lis 05

How to choose the correct cutting piece when the tool is grinding?

There are many types of dicing abrasives, and there are various shapes and sizes. Each dicing blade has a certain range of application depending on the abrasive of the dicing sheet, the bonding material and the manufacturing process. If improperly selected, it will directly affect the processing accuracy, surface roughness and production efficiency. Therefore, when …

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Říj 22

Basic introduction of cutting disc

The base type cutting wheel means that the outer ring of the grinding wheel is an abrasive working layer, and the central part is a high-strength and high-rigidity metal material, which is also called an outer ring-shaped cutting wheel. Generally thicker and more rigid, it is mostly used for grooving and cutting of medium and …

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